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Workspace Matters
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When starting up a new business it can be tricky to get your own office space so one tends to meet clients in coffee shops or at your home. It starts out as a temporary solution but due to the rat race, it can be difficult to break out of that. It becomes familiar but isn’t necessarily the best option.

Professional Environment

Your workspace is an extension of your brand. As such it needs to represent you well. You need to show some form of professionalism and decorum if those are the types of clients you, in turn, want to attract. The office 97 offers you a professional working space and meeting areas. Co-working spaces are perfect as the overheads are low while allowing you that professional feel.

Uncluttered Workspace

Simple aesthetic things such as correct lighting and an uncluttered workspace all help make your working and meetings more efficient. A clean workspace allows for clear thinking. Keep everything digitized and stored on a cloud of some sort so that if your laptop crashes, you have back up. Only keep the essential items you will need.

Remove Distractions

At home, there are endless distractions. For me it is the small things like dogs or house alarms going off all of a sudden. I don’t like meeting people in my home for work as I just feel that is my haven and I need to keep it separate from work. It is OK to meet in a coffee shop when the need arises but try not to make a habit of this. Coffee shops can be loud and distracting. An office space is better for several reasons. They can be quiet and have fewer distractions. The office also allows for quick and easy printing if a contract needs to signed then and there.

Workspace matters and having a defined workspace is vital to start the way you want to finish. Professional and Organized