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What are the Benefits of a Hot Desk
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Hot desks in co-working spaces are becoming more and more popular as people often do not need a full-time office space as their work takes them on the road or they work from home. If it is something you are considering but do not know if it is for you, let me tell you why it is a great idea…

What is Hot desking?

A hot desk is office space to rent by the hour, day or month. Its an option for those who work from home as it includes all utilities such as WIFI, printing and coffee on tap. Even the monthly rate is more affordable than renting your own office. It is an open office set up and you can sit among other like-minded entrepreneurs.

What are the benefits?

Unlike if you are working at home or in your own office by yourself, working in a co-working space affords you the opportunities to connect with other people. It is more than just infrastructure. It is a place to build with your community. A place where you can help each other and know you are not alone. You may be struggling in an area and someone can give you the answer from someone else not in your field of work. If you are great at graphic design but are terrible at admin and finance, there is sure to be someone there who could give you some tips.

Building trust

It is a space for Improving your professional relationships by networking as well as collaboration. You may even find yourself partnering up with others and referring to each other. In a co-working space, trust gets built and you become a family. You can build genuine connections and strategic partnerships. It is a place where you can meet up with clients other than your home, just making you look a little bit more professional.

” We must make working life more human.”
                                                                                                                                                                  -Goran Persson

Hot desks are perfect for freelancers and startups. Just the change of scenery alone is helpful. A place to force you to get out of working in your pajamas and stay motivated. Be patient in the process. Success is not overnight but benefits are far-reaching. Broadening your circle and sphere of influence and therefore your mark on the world.