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Value of Co Work Space during COVID-19 Pandemic
  -  Blog   -  Value of Co Work Space during COVID-19 Pandemic

As the business landscape changes with the pandemic and lockdown regulations, so changes the way traditional offices will operate in the future. Community Co-working spaces have a lot of value to add in this changing landscape to offer solutions to help a business survive current uncertainty. Here are just a few reasons how Co-working spaces can assist business owners during the pandemic:


There is a significantly lower cost of flexible office space terms vs the traditional long commercial office lease. In these uncertain times, co-working spaces provide a perfect safe-haven allowing a business to continue the business activity and income-building capacity. Sometimes on a month-to-month basis. Allowing the business time to stabilize without over-committing resources.


Downsizing space per regulations governing the percentage of workforce allowed back in the office. It may serve better to fund employees hot desk access at local Co workspaces rather than running a low capacity high-cost huge office space spreading out people but still facing the same running costs of rental and utilities etc. Smaller spaces are easier to keep clean and monitor.


Local Co workspaces are easy to access. Protect employees from having to access public transport – moving from one area to another, rather stay close to home and still being able to deliver on work deadlines with minimal risk of exposure.


It is good for your mental state to work out of the home instead of at home all the time. With the general call to work from home, many are finding it difficult to be productive, especially if your “home office” is not set up for full-time office functionality. Home-based distractions are amplified during lock-down; kids, housework, spouses, etc. It is sometimes essential to just get away to a calm clean and professionally set up space to focus and get work done.


 To pay as you use the services that are most critical for your business to continue NOW, be it a daily work desk, short term dedicated office, uncapped WiFi, printing, professional and safe meet rooms, virtual switchboard, virtual admin, etc

Last, but certainly not least


Even before COVID -19, Co-working gave people a platform to sit next to like-minded individuals, fostering collaboration and problem-solving. Coffee shops are still closed to sit in patrons but most Co-working places offer great coffee so you can still get out, grab your ‘cuppa’ and work on those business proposals.

These functional benefits of Co-working spaces are even more critical to business survival now. We have to figure out a way forward together. We need the collective brain of a team of experts to benefit the local SMME ecosystem, build the community, support one another and help boost the struggling South African economy.