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Starting A Side Hustle Business
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I have been freelance writing for 14 years but while I have had to educate my kids at home. My husband is an electrician by day and a bake by night. We both have always had a side hustle going on until one day a friend said to me “ Is this a hobby or is this a business?” It was only then that I started seeing real


Side Hustle Ideas

I always suggest starting with what you know or who you know. If you see a need in your community, full it! The possibilities are endless.

Buy and Sell Books




Start a creche in your area

Delivery services

Make meals

Tutoring or teaching English

Run Social Media workshops

Virtual assistant

Crochet and sell online

Sell secondhand goods.

Make and print business cards

Write CV’s for people looking for jobs

Set Goals

You see, if you see your side hustle as a hobby, it will stay that way and you won’t make any real money. But if you treat it like a business and make the necessary sacrifices you will start to see results. If you see it as a business you will start setting the right goals that you have something to aim towards. Set goals of exactly how much you want to make each month. How many clients you want or how many contracts you can sign or manage each month.


Funding and cash flow can be a problem when starting up a business, that is why many people start while they are still currently employed. It is possible to get a loan for capital but often you don’t know where to start and where to spend that initial investment wisely. Many like to get a feel at how the new business will do and where the cash injection needs to be prioritised.


Often you start from home but The office is offering a special weekender rate for such entrepreneurs. Have a demarcated space to focus and get work done is vital to making your new startup a success. You need to develop your branding, schedule meetings on a Saturday or just sit and email potential clients. This is the space to do just that.


I hope you can see that just about anyone, anywhere with any background can start a business. If you feel you need more training, attend workshops or do Udemy courses. Whatever you need to give yourself a good foundation but just start!