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How to Monetize your Skills
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Often we have skills that we take for granted. Whether it be crushing it at Mail Chimp, being an ace at facebook Ad campaigns or have video editing tips for instagram users. You can monetize your skill.

Sometimes we do not even realise we are a master or guru in an area. I know I have always loved writing and been passionate about blogging. I did not see it as an exclusive, difficult thing that some people view it as. People hire me to write for them because the task seems to daunting for them.

Lately I have realised more and more how much knowledge and skill I have accumulated over my 14 years of writing.

Running a workshop

Running a workshop takes a lot of hard work ,creativity and preparation. Then choose your target audience and market it to them. Decide what your capacity is. Maybe you only want 6 if you are doing life coaching group but you may want 12-20 people to teach video editing skills? A wise idea would be to make sure people pay before hand by a certain cut off date. This ensures their attendance and doesn’t leave you faffing with admin a day or two before so that you can focus on your presentation. Which brings me to my next point. Prepare well!

Give your self enough time to plan and put all the components together. Always start with an ice breaker of some kind. Create an agenda that is interactive, with breaks and allow for questions. I always suggest providing food! People cannot think if they are hungry. Make it a learning experience to remember. Another benefit of running workshops is the connections you make and inevitably you learn from one another.


Here is a list of ideas to get your mind thinking of what skill you have that could add value to others;

Social Media Tips

Facebook business

Facebook Ads

How to grow your instagram following

How to make a creative Instagram feed

Mail Chimp workshops

Vlogging and understanding how to use YouTube

Life coaching group sessions




Bullet Journaling

Podcasting For Dummies

Optimising Your Linkedin Profile

Art class

Ceramics Class

The Office is running a promotion only for March for 2 hours at their venue  for R550 per event for 25 pax, including screen projector and flip chart. There are only 5 slots available in March. Anyone hesitating or unsure about breaking into the workshopping space, this is the one to start with as it is not their usual price.

We all have something we can teach others. It just takes a little bit of thought and planning. Start by making a list of the skills you have and go from there. No knowledge is ever wasted. If you think this could be you and you would like to run a workshop just contact us to book your date and space.