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How do I sell when nobody is buying?
  -  Blog   -  How do I sell when nobody is buying?

Many people are asking “How do I sell when nobody is buying?” The reality is that you might not be able to sell at all but you can focus on elements of your business that need attention and that you can control.

“ When fishermen cannot go to sea, they repair nets.” Nabil Sa“bio Azadi 

Add value to your clients

Reach out to both existing and potential clients. Use tools like Zoom to make genuine attempts to engage and not just to push products and services. Build relationships and get to know your clients and their needs. Offer workshops providing them with your expert knowledge. Proactively reach into your communities and see how your business can offer assistance and support.

Get organised

If doing admin is not your thing now is the time to tidy up or update your databases. It’s such a valuable asset and yet often neglected by small business owners. When trade resumes you want to be prepared to reach your consumers quickly and effectively. You may be weaker in some areas such as tax, so it is a perfect opportunity to learn and get affairs in order.

Stay visible

Be consistent with your social media posting. Be creative about it. Share background stories about you or your staff. Offer a giveaway. Share your favourite quote. Continue value-adding social media engagement so that you remain at the forefront of customers mind. Ensure that you associate with a message of positivity hope and support.

Think out of the box

You may have to rethink the way you have been doing something and offer something completely new. Get creative and think where you see a need and fill that need. Disruptions in the economy are going to happen and we have not control over this so we always need to be thinking ahead. To the next thing.

It would be a good idea to read up on business that has survived through tough times. I recommend Jim Collins’ book, Great by Choice, which is a good dive into the comparison between companies that thrive and those that do not. The most important skill to have is resilience and not giving up.