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The Importance Of Creativity In Problem Solving
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There is no manual to being an artist or for being alive. We face problems, obstacles and challenges throughout our daily lives, at home and in the workplace, therefore we need to have a creative approach in dealing with these problems. We need to develop tools to solve problems creatively. This involves changing our perspective. It involves stepping in someone else’s shoes. If you are a brand that means thinking as the consumer or the competition. You need to start thinking outside the box.

Creative Problem Solving in 3 steps

Clarify facts

Finding and pinpointing the problem. What happened? When Where and how did it occur? Who was affected? Can it happen again?

Formulate ideas

List ideas to solve the problem, divergent thinking which is generating lots of options. What can you do to ensure that does not happen again? Ask yourselves, what can we control? Can we correct anything? What can we do better?

Implement solutions

Decide on the best way forward. Make a workable solution. Use convergent thinking which is evaluating the options and making decisions. Then finally taking action.

Mental Blocks

What is stopping you? We often face mental blocks. We will say to ourselves. “That is not my area of expertise” or “I am not creative!” When it comes to thinking creatively we might feel silly or think it is not logical. Often we are under pressure and have time constraints that stop us from solving problems effectively.

When do you get your best ideas? Think of the times when you have had your best ideas. They are usually in the shower or just before you sleep or even in your dreams. That is because you have been able to rest your brain for a bit and the best ideas flow.


Brainstorming is a way of generating ideas and displaying all the ideas on a whiteboard which may spark other ideas. Mind mapping can be effective as well as you visually organise a hierarchy of information. One thought leads to the next thought. Mutlivoting is a system where a team member assigns the team a list of ideas to vote on. The ideas with the most votes will be prioritised. These tools keep you focused and on track, making it easier to take action.

In conclusion, you have to rid yourselves on any mental blocks you have put in your path. Give yourself time and implement these tools and techniques. We all have a bit of creativity inside of us waiting to burst out and using creative skills is the secret to problem-solving.