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Seems lockdown did have some positive spin off in my life as well.  All that extra time binge watching Home Edit on Netflix, doing home de clutter make overs, closet overhauls and all other manner of tiding up.  Basically clearing my spaces  - both physically and mentally.  This combined with now much curbed retail therapy budgets (we are all broke right?) and my

As the business landscape changes with the pandemic and lockdown regulations, so changes the way traditional offices will operate in the future. Community Co-working spaces have a lot of value to add in this changing landscape to offer solutions to help a business survive current uncertainty. Here are just a few reasons how Co-working spaces can assist business owners during the pandemic: Cost There is

We have taken all recommended measures to keep both our members and our staff safe The following will be implemented with immediate effect Cloth mask or full face approved PPE shield Temperature screening at entrance Sanitizing at entrance Sanitiser, hand wash and paper towelling available Desk spaces designated 1.5m apart Extra hygiene measures for bathrooms and kitchen areas We ask that any members feeling unwell

Reopening selected services at the Office from 20th May We are pleased to announce we are now open to all certified Alert Level 4 essential service businesses Dedicated office space  Workstation hire (limited to 10 seats only in view of social distancing) Podcast /photo studio – limited to 3 ppl per session Mini workshops and meetings  - please chat to us for best options

Many people are asking "How do I sell when nobody is buying?" The reality is that you might not be able to sell at all but you can focus on elements of your business that need attention and that you can control. “ When fishermen cannot go to sea, they repair nets.” Nabil Sa“bio Azadi  Add value to your clients Reach out to both existing and potential

There is no manual to being an artist or for being alive. We face problems, obstacles and challenges throughout our daily lives, at home and in the workplace, therefore we need to have a creative approach in dealing with these problems. We need to develop tools to solve problems creatively. This involves changing our perspective. It involves stepping in someone else's shoes. If

These are trying times for any small business. With the Government restrictions placed on us to prevent the spread of Covid-19, it makes it difficult to run things as usual. Many have resorted to working from home. It is vital to stay productive and produce the very best outcome you possibly can for your small business. Get up Change out of your Pajamas and get

I have been freelance writing for 14 years but while I have had to educate my kids at home. My husband is an electrician by day and a bake by night. We both have always had a side hustle going on until one day a friend said to me “ Is this a hobby or is this a business?” It was only then

When starting up a new business it can be tricky to get your own office space so one tends to meet clients in coffee shops or at your home. It starts out as a temporary solution but due to the rat race, it can be difficult to break out of that. It becomes familiar but isn't necessarily the best option. Professional Environment Your workspace is

Often we have skills that we take for granted. Whether it be crushing it at Mail Chimp, being an ace at facebook Ad campaigns or have video editing tips for instagram users. You can monetize your skill. Sometimes we do not even realise we are a master or guru in an area. I know I have always loved writing and been passionate about blogging.