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March 2020
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These are trying times for any small business. With the Government restrictions placed on us to prevent the spread of Covid-19, it makes it difficult to run things as usual. Many have resorted to working from home. It is vital to stay productive and produce the very best outcome you possibly can for your small business. Get up Change out of your Pajamas and get

I have been freelance writing for 14 years but while I have had to educate my kids at home. My husband is an electrician by day and a bake by night. We both have always had a side hustle going on until one day a friend said to me “ Is this a hobby or is this a business?” It was only then

When starting up a new business it can be tricky to get your own office space so one tends to meet clients in coffee shops or at your home. It starts out as a temporary solution but due to the rat race, it can be difficult to break out of that. It becomes familiar but isn't necessarily the best option. Professional Environment Your workspace is